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Imangulova T.V. 1 Prokofeva M.A. 1 Zharkimbekrov N.S. 1
1 Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism

Considerable changes are occurring in the life of the world community, including forming from the strategy of “education for the hole life” to the strategy of “education through all life”. Intensified problem of perfection of the professional education system upgrading and retraining of teaching staff.

The feature of multilevel preparation (bachelor, magistracy) of the specialist for the renovating educational system of Kazakhstan is not only orientation on forming social and professional competence but also provides graduating students with innovative readiness, research activity, and permanent professional-personality growth. Research work of the undergraduate is the obligatory division of the main educational program magistracy “Tourism” 6М090020 and directed to form general cultural and professional competences in accordance with the state obligatory standards of education after university education.

The study aid of terminological dictionary contains more than 300 terms, concepts and definitions which are used in research work of future specialists of tourist industry and sphere of hospitality.


All terms, concepts, definitions and forms are written in alphabetical order in the terminological dictionary. The offered dictionary is intended for the students, undergraduates, doctoral candidates and the teachers of the system of tourist education, workers for tourist firms, hotels and restaurants, managerial staff, specialists of contiguous with the area of tourism industry, and also to all who are interested in tourism and scientific research work.

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Imangulova T.V., Prokofeva M.A., Zharkimbekrov N.S. TERMINOLOGICAL DICTIONARY OF THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ACTIVITY IN TOURISM // Международный журнал экспериментального образования. – 2016. – № 12-1. – С. 66-66;
URL: http://expeducation.ru/ru/article/view?id=10779 (дата обращения: 16.12.2018).

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