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Contemporary complicated process of creating conditions for man’s being and development is connected with the environment and social reality. Natural and social factors influenced different traditional forms of co-operation. The appeared at different historical stages stories, fables, legends (gods, legendary heroes, event and etc., myths on the whole), created in people’s mind fantastic images, which were an attempt to generalize and explain different phenomena of nature and society. According to philosophy, a myth is a form of an entire mass experience and interpretation of reality with the help of sensual-visual images, considered independent appearances [1]. Myths touch wide range of main questions of the universe and are an attempt to find solutions of deep, meaningful for people problems.

Contemporary mythology is varied. Totality of all existing (objective reality), surrounding a man today is directed at wide use of scientific cognition of the world. However, various scientific theories reveal questions of human being, though explanations of science are quite moderate and not always convincing. For example, many people compare contemporary ideas of global events in nature and in the world with myths (global warming, impendence of new Ice Age). Besides, myth elements as a way of world cognition still remain in contemporary mass consciousness (for example, social myths, myths in ideology, ceremonies of mass rallies and celebrations and etc.) [1].

Today there’s an opinion that some people are disappointed in the main contemporary myth – “all might” of science-technical progress. Its further unlimited usage on the Earth constitutes direct, focused, constantly growing threat to Mankind’s natural habitat and to Human being.

Simultaneously, the specific function of ideology keeps widely using in contemporary reality – formation of specific understanding of life phenomena and attitude to them.

A man of the XXI century goes on living in two interdependent worlds- in the world of nature, which is consistently compressing and decreasing under influence of anthropogenic activity and in the world of social medium, people’s community. Creating conditions for being, satisfying his needs a man constantly influences the environment, causing by this its counterstand (physical, chemical, biological, social and etc.). That’s why we may state that any sphere of human life and activity is potentially dangerous as it is connected with interference into interdependent worlds and their not always predicted reaction at these interferences.

Achievement of science-technical progress, growth of population and decreasing of natural energy resources, worsening ecology- social situation in the world on the whole and in separate countries particularly- all this annual growth of tension in relations of a man with the created technosphere. Level of human activity increased so that every time with growing strength and speed change the environment and natural-social environment [2]. Besides, daily increasing mankind’s needs in more new resources in order to provide its everyday activity lead to further rising capacity. This in its turn leads to more intensive consumption and spending of natural raw material, increasing of different types of releases into biosphere, damage of natural system of co-operation of all flesh. Such tension definitely finds release in the shape of appearing dangers for all inhabitants of the planet. With increasing speed of life, every minute race for satisfaction of your needs satisfaction a man forgets about dangers awaiting for him during all his life. Such “lack of knowledge” a man tries to explain with the help of a simple axiom or a myth that”it cannot happen with me because it can never happen”.

Thus, trying to explain his often rash acts, a man and the majority of mankind admits a real and realized ability of appearing of accidents, catastrophes, anв disasters. So, for example, during the last several months due to the fault of notorious “human factor” more than a thousand of accidents and catastrophes occurred which resulted in deaths of a lot of people. Those are fires, connected with irregular running of highly inflammable matters, broken wiring, unqualified usage of fire and accidents at industrial factories and manufactures, and catastrophes of auto-, avia-, and railway transport- all these problems make say about the necessity to pay greater attention to questions of security in all spheres of life- as everyday common, so labor activity, during travel and leisure.

Nowadays, almost every day concept “safety” is used in mass media; a lot of TV programs inform Russia’s population about a lot of nature, ecological, industrial and other accidents, catastrophes, fires and blasts, leading to deaths. And along with this TV masters ask a question “who is responsible for a human safety?” It seems that most people have a narrow-minded approach to the surrounding nature-social environment and have shallow idea about the essence and contents of concept “safety”. Besides growing comfort is seen, people’s flexibility to real and imaginary pressure from mass media, amenability to information influence. Penetration of special system of myths into mass conscience facilitates further manipulations with them. So how should a contemporary man regard a problem of safety in the period when concept “safety” turned into many-sided, touching almost all spheres of life and civilization activity category?

Every man needs special knowledge and ability to estimate objectively in which side a concrete ideology “turns his mind” and how the turn corresponds to native people’s, society’s and state’s needs [3]. Russia’s strengthening and consistent assertion of its national interests caused disaffection of some well-known foreign circles that would like to see our country as weak-willed servant of the West, its raw-material appendage. That’s why myths about advantages of western standards and way of life has been actively standing in opposition to all other throwing back to Russia’s history variants of organization of human existence. And the same situation in the world is everywhere.

In such conditions every man should think: who if not he himself should provide his safe life. Everyone can protect himself from soul depraving myths. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult for an everyman to triode his safety, his relatives’ safety and safety of his environment as he almost doesn’t know elementary mechanisms and cause-effect relations in a system “SUBJECT- OBJECT- SAFETY SYSTEM” [4]. In this case education has the leading role, which is responsible for effective formation of moral, intellectual, psycho and physically developed young generation in our country. Nowadays scientific knowledge has become essential part of material production and other fields of social life, important factor of safety control in the country. That’s why an educated person is a trained and well-bred person. And in this case moral and spiritual upbringing based on Russian nation’s traditions is especially important. A man cannot become a defender of his Motherland without such education.

Hence, contemporary reality, objective and subjective factors and needs of state, society and personal development are characterized by the necessity of growing readiness to perception of the contemporary world of dangers, successful application of personal and collective safety measures, perfection of mandefencing and nature protection and defending life activity and formation of worldview culture of life safety.

Educational field of life safety, covering different spheres of human life, society and state, all their safety space has become integrative, synthetic study, developing on the cross-curriculum complex basis. Life safety is smoothly connected with the contents of all subjects, studied at all stages of constant education system. That’s why contents of this education field depends on the condition of education system on the whole, conducted reorganization in it and processes in all fields of life in the country.

Safety as phenomenon of contemporary reality conduced to that in politics, social ideology and education of different countries in the world and in Russia questions of personal and collective safety control, achievement and safe of high quality environment , clearance of global negative impacts on live and non-life reality are been run as prior objectives of development. The abovementioned allows saying about the necessity of formation of a single education space of life safety, in which it’ll be possible to form worldview and safety culture, conduce to obtaining knowledge and skills necessary for a man to reach comfortable and long life, to create life environment of acceptable for a man quality.

A man, having knowledge and safety culture with vivid qualities of a person of safe behavior in living and work activity will be responsible for safety of each person, society and state.

Contemporary achievements of educational space in the sphere of life safety allowed compensating the misbalance of the fields of dangers and the used means, ways of defense and models of safe behavior. However, constant modification of dangers demands corrections of educational activity, which means concurrence of different types of educational- discipline, educational- cognitive and other activity at all formation stages of a man as a person of safe type. Thereby, to determine main strategic objective of the development of life safety educational space it is necessary to coordinate activity of all subjects of safety control (represented by state and international power structures and non-governmental organizations), and also education space elements (represented by educational- discipline, educational- cognitive, scientific institutions of different types in a system of constant education and science and teaching staff) to create working groups and structures based on the existing or specially organized international organizations that will work out a unique concept on safety control. In the conditions of impact of permanent danger only realization of such structure, able to determine cause-and-effect relations in a system “a man- environment” and to apply the obtained knowledge to correct the existing and form new courses in educational field of safe living, will allow development of a man in harmony with his environment and activity, able to provide enough level of security for himself, his relatives, society and biosphere generally.

Thus, development of a man as a person of a safe type in particular, having knowledge on safety, able to analyze world experience of safety and build his safe world view will allow saying about the age of harmony coexistence of Mankind with natural and artificially created life environments. Safety reality will be secured only by man’s willing to take care of it and supported by the formed system of complex knowledge in the fiel of contemporary problems of safety.