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Speaking about integration of education, we should not forget about that, for example, the control of its quality should be built at the base of integral and united approach, to correspond state standards by the concrete discipline. It’s necessary to use identical measure materials and define identical degrees of reaching the aim.

One of the checkout instruments is text control, which is long ago and rather widely used at pedagogical practice. The necessity to have some universal, reliable and effective measure instrument, which can estimate the quality of higher professional education, has been being always felt.

If we try to formulate the aim, for example, of language testing at technical HEI, that this is diagnosis of communicative abilities of students and estimation of their ability to understand and produce writing speech. What concerns the task of testing this is a development of test materials, at the base of which we could measure indicators of receptive and productive activity of students, in consideration of concrete parameters of communicative task.

In Samara State Technical University (filial in Syzran) for several years there is carrying out an internet-testing of students of second course by the foreign language. There suggested that passing through this testing student demonstrates all his knowledge, which he received and consolidated during first two years of studying in the HEI. (Naturally into consideration there also are taken that base knowledge, with which he came to the university.) Tasks of the test were formed such way that student can show the level of owning all skills, except such aspects as writing and oral speech (or in the less degree, than rest of them). Big part of questions is devoted to the country-specific aspect of language at its rather narrow description, what carried complicacies, because our program is oriented to the understanding of the material of technical character. This, obviously, were chalked up by us.

Can we consider internet-testing as dimensional replacement of oral exam of the foreign language? I think, a lot of people agree, that only in part. So far as we will not receive real picture without alive communication with student, without “palpation” of his ability to react to the questions, talk or pick up the talk.

Therefore, to measure the quality of owing the foreign language ONLY by text way, rightly is not enough. But to become a PART of this process internet-testing is worth it.

Is it possible to create the integral systems of the control of quality of knowledge in the near future? Traditions and mentality of different nations will be always at defined opposition. Undoubtedly the integration of education is this to we should rush. But this process is very thorny and conflicting.


The work was submitted to the international scientific conference “Scientific researches of highest school by the priority directions of science and technique”, at the cruise liner Costa at the frames of cruise Barselona-Barselona, 1-9 of July 2010. Came to the editorial office 18. 05. 2010.