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Knowledge of great historical persons of our people a debt of everyone. From this point of view on folds of centuries the key of personal qualities of the person disappeared. The Kazakh people – the successor of a rich spiritual condition. Manuals of the world-famous, great thinker of the Turkic people of Al-Farabi, scientists of the Middle Ages as Balasagun, Kashkari, Iugneki, Jassaui, thinkers of an epoch of Golden Horde – Horezmi, Dulati, Saran, Zhalyiri, Abylgazy plays large role in education of modern generation. Asan Kajgy further manuals, Shal Kyiz, Zhiembet, Buhar ,Shal, Dulat, Murat, Mahambet, Majlykozhy about the person and a society, a shower and a body, about life positively influence youth education [1].

Rather under the statement of thinkers to feel a part of one people, one nation needs to follow five different conditions. First, it is necessary to know language of this nation well. Secondly, you should own the information of belief of this nation. Thirdly, should impregnate traditions of these people. Fourthly, should know nation history backwards. Fifthly, should know this district to each corner. The person who could install in itself these five qualities, only it can name itself the present, sanguineous representative of the nation, – the Greek thinker has told. The person should begin knowledge of the world and life with itself. If the Kazakh doesn’t know about the nation in detail, if doesn’t feed feelings to understand lacks and advantage of other nation it is very doubtful. For knowledge of the nation it is necessary to know well five points which mentioned above [2, 13].

If so the higher school should impart to young generation such qualities as love to the native earth to appreciate national traditions, customs of the people, spirituality, consciousness, humanity, development of personal qualities. Works of great thinkers about methods and ways of development of personal qualities have great value.

The most important line of the person is its social importance, consciousness, responsibility, freedom, advantage and individuality. The more clearly the person shows the qualities and abilities and adds to the actions creative property, the there is its value more. From this point of view the concept of the person is supplemented with concept of individuality. Individuality of the person is characterized by lines peculiar only to it and distinguishing from others. For example: a version of characters (quiet, angry), creativity (actions, an orientation), tastes etc. Therefore, in creativity of the future experts-teachers should be shown personal qualities on a level with profound knowledge, pedagogical thinking, professional ability. Individual qualities supplement personal concepts.

The Kazakh thinkers attached great value to personal qualities of the person. Great thinkers appreciated humanity, spirituality, talent and mind, resource and heroism, patience, calmness, attentiveness in the person.

The great Abay which have learned thoughts of east and western classics expresses pedagogical thinking in the songs and words edification. Explaining that boasting, a thoughtlessness, a negligence, envy eclipses reason and thoughts, he agitates to remember heard, to follow an example with seen, to be far away from bad habits, to prefer passions reason, to be constrained. He said: “If you want to be the reasonable person, give the account to the acts of times in one day, time in a week, or at least once a month”. It means that Abay paid much attention in self-education of the person. The person is born with two characters. The first character is born with thoughts – the main thing to eat, drink, have a sleep. These are requirements of essence. The second – I want all the nobility. It is requirement of soul. (7th word) proceeding from this Abay concludes the thought that “the person learns such things as knowledge, a science from requirement of soul, it can only the person who is talented and works assiduously”.

Y. Altynsarin expresses the thoughts on education through the story “Zhemis agashtary” (Fruit trees) where the father explains to the son that in “education there is a great value. And if you will not study, you will be to curves, as this tree”. At Ybyray has a lot of stories about ethics, behavior. Also Ybyray in the stories brightly expresses a love role in a family. These thoughts are and in its songs. His songs are directed to agitation the educational ideas, they are given in ethics-pedagogical thoughts.

Comparing culture incomparable riches Altynsarin writes such lines:

Mal daulettyn bailygi

Bir zhutasan zhok bolar

Okymystyn bailygy

Kunnen kunge kop bolar

Yesh zhytamak zhok bolar [4, 13 p].

Meaning: “All your riches can end at once, but riches of mind and knowledge on the contrary will increase every day”.

At schools which Ybyray under the requirement of that time without fail has opened should pass religious studies. The book purpose “Muslim support” Ybyray has told “… first that the concept of religions at the Kazakh youth isn’t has left in an incorrect channel, and secondly that the Tatar language wasn’t used I has started to read Muslim Sheriyat …. I have started to write this book” he has told. Not only Ybyray worried about prosperity of Kazakh poetry, but also many other writers – realists.

Thus the success and achievement of Altynsarin and its activity progresses now. Each of the Kazakh people has been brought up by poetry of Ybyray Altynsarin. And till now its activity has much important role in our life. Its essence of poetry is in particular pedagogical formations. It has helped to leave to the Kazakh people to the public: the Kazakh schools, grammar schools, and certainly, school and educational techniques for the first time have opened.

Training in the independent country is possible at all. Now, contrary to development the society the pivotal purpose is to absorb in itself spirit and to keep people history. Life sources are connected with each other, allow to feel that degree which influences to youth development in culture. The main reason is not schooling of children to creativity from early age. How much there will be cultural a person so will relations are combined with people also it will be and is polite. And formation of character opinion and cultural values is connected by the people. Works of great thinker-philosopher S. Kudaiberdyuly such as: “Ush anyk”, “Akyl degen olsheusyz bir zharyk nur”, and “Jan men dene һam konil”, “Anyk pen tanyk” etc. are full of philosophical reason on the person. Shakarym has been afflicted by that the person comes on this light “person”, and can’t keep this condition of cleanliness to the death and has told:“ I was born as a person and to die as the person – my dream ”. The person perceives abstraction – thanks to pure reason can note useful from the harmful. A soul support – conscience. Conscience is an honesty, justice, mercy, and smothering it that never disappears, not destroyed, and to become all above and above” – told Shakarym in his thoughts. Thanks to works of great thinkers develops wisdom of the person, individuality, special fitness, special diligence, special ability, a special habit at restoration of the future experts. The known scientific Kant has told: the person should be the person to live life as the person at any situation it should remain the person who shows a way of these philosophies separately. It is philosophy – wisdom. We can find it at Socrat’s, Ybyray’s and at Abay’s thoughts. On Socrat reasoning wisdom is the world. To understand itself and others to concern all with understanding.

For example, “good qualities and then all will be to you under a hand” (J. Balasagun) are necessary to the Live person, “Be cruel, let doesn’t go on and if there will be a good education also the child will grow up brought up” (J. Balasagun), “Knowledge received in the childhood, which help desirable result with the future” (J. Balasagun), “Learn children to mind and reason, and let good character develops together with dexterity” (J. Balasagun), “Think that waits for you ahead, desirable it is possible achieve only holding a correct way” (Firdausi), “Be sincere both soul and a body” (Y. Altynsarin), “Humanity of the person depends on mind, a science, the good father, good mother, the good friend and from the good instructor” (A. Kunanbaev), “Think of a science, and thanks to a science night will appear in the light afternoon” (Firdausi), “the Person has realized that it the inhabitant of this planet, it has started to think and operate at planet level – and it should so to think and operate” (V.I. Vernadsky), “the Person can overtake the person only mind, character and honor. And all other is nonsense” (Abay).

We have noticed that it is a lot of advantage of the spent debates and circles. Because, if the future expert pays attention on enthusiasm of merits it shows its feature, wisdom, and eminence.

Today individual qualities of the person test for it: depth of outlook and life, responsibility, an estimation and perfection of the person, humanity, morals and nobleness, deep thoughts, perception of secrets. Kindness revival, kindness to a companion, honesty to the friend, knowledge of the place in a society and the value. Courtesy and fair intentions not to put a stain on authority, not to sell the honor for the sake of vital trifles, feeling of advantage. Eagerness to fight, restraint, and ability to be on the ball showing respect for everything, to grow the humanity. Resoluteness, innovation, ability to think, the activity which is not repeating individuality. Our ancestors eulogized such qualities and yours faithfully gave such titles as: wise, formed, brought up, the expert, skillful. In preparation of competitive experts works of great thinkers as a paradise source. In an English proverb it is told, “If you has mentality, it needs to be cleverer to operate available mentality”. What qualified wasn’t the expert if it is inquisitive, will aspire to individuality and self-development we would be quiet for our future generation.

 The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “ Modern sociology and education”, London, October 18–25, 2014, came to the editorial office оn 16.10.2013.