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Why Arthur Sckopenhauer’s irrational philosophy has not been acquired the popularity among Sckopenhauer’s contemporaries? Why his fame has come to him just before his death, at the end of his life’s way? First, in that society, the Hegel’s ideas have been prevailed, and, that is why, many people have adhered, precisely, to his views. It, moreover, has been necessary to be proved to people, that the Hegel’s philosophy is quite nothing, in comparison with the Sckopenhauer’s philosophy. Second, the major reasons have been and in the Sckopenhauer’s philosophy itself. So, the main drawback, inherent in all the critical methods of the Sckopenhauer’s views, is the almost complete absence of the historical knowledge, and the facts assessment. In the method, by which Sckopenhauer reviews and discusses the religion and philosophy phenomena, we have not seen the historical factor, that is complemented itself the critical, and is formed, together with it, the historical – critical point of view, the historical – critical or the historical evolutionary approach, having distinguished the scientific character of the XIX-th century from the XVIII-th one. Thus, Sckopenhauer – is the Weltschmerz philosopher, but it is not the dull grief. So, it is rather a kind of the heroic pessimism, which is closed to the stoicism. Sckopenhauer bases his pessimistic views, as some definite understanding of the time, well as the space. The time is hostile the person. That is why, the space is separated the closest to each other people, that it is confronted their interests. The causality is being brought its troubles. It, like the pendulum, is practically thrown people from one states to the quite another ones, which are quite opposite them. Thus, the causality – is the most destructive human sorrows basis. So, A. Sckopenhauer does not call to the suicide, and this, he is quite differed of Edward Hartmann’s philosophy, which is closed to the Sckopenhauer’s doctrine, the reasonability challenge of the settling accounts with the life is completely resolved in the affirmative one. Sckopenhauer also will be given the quite negative answer, and he is justified it, as follows. The Sckopenhauer’s philosophy has not been received its necessary popularity in the society, mainly, because of the fact, that the historical knowledge and the facts evaluation are almost completely absent in his works.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “Fundamental research”, Jordan, June, 8–15 ,2014, came to the editorial office оn 05.06.2014.