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Zakharova M.E. 1
1 North-Eastern Federal university named after M.K. Ammosov
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North-Eastern Federal university named after M.K. Ammosov, Yakutsk, e-mail: mayaiza@mail.ru

In the course of independent work on perfection of foreign professional speech preparation of students their informative activity becomes more active, the intuition develops, allowing to solve professional problems, and also professionally important qualities of the future expert in physical training and sports are formed.

Subject of consideration of given article is only one aspect of independent work of the student at learning of foreign language, namely – work on mastering by foreign lexicon. Students are regularly trained in thoughtful analytical work on a word speaking another language which appears at them not as isolated unit, and as a structural element of the lexical system speaking another language focused on its speech use. [1, c. 119] The professional lexicon in the course of independent preparation leads to perfection of such necessary qualities in professional work, as: persistence, independence, initiative, aspiration to a victory.

Developing the maintenance of professional formation of the future teachers of physical training and sports and trainers in the course of learning of foreign language, we have provided necessity of development of foreign professional lexicon by students through class and independent work. At the first type of independent work statement of the purpose and planning can be carried out only by means of the teacher that usually takes place for students of the first courses at acquaintance to the future speciality:

Students are obliged to write out from texts terms on a speciality, to find definitions with consultation of the teacher conducting special disciplines.

The following type of independent activity provides teamwork with the teacher only at purpose statement, and planning and its performance are carried out independently and concern that kind of activity at which students should find in the explanatory dictionary of definition for professional lexicon, make multicomponent word combinations and pick up a cliche, applicable in oral and written business language, and then translate on a foreign language and constantly use them on a practical training on Russian and foreign languages. For awakening of educational interest to learning of foreign language in the course of through designing and revival of seminar employment it is possible to offer the following kind of work with some game moments: Students share on steams, and at a board, in advance having discussed with each other sense of terms offered to discussion of terminological word combinations, serially say definition to the term, without naming the term, in a foreign language if it is a question of practical employment on a foreign language, the group tries to guess, the made definition concerns what term, the second partner in case of difficulty comes to the rescue of group and results other, more corresponding or clear interpretation of the discussed term.

Using the following type of independent work, the task only is called by the teacher, and purpose of statement, planning and execution are carried out independently. After studying of the next theme, for example, from physical training and sports history in a foreign language, we have offered students, using the received knowledge to prepare the short message. At the given type of work the role of the teacher is reduced only to a designation of the task and «an outline basting» for its execution which will help students not only to use all potential which has been saved up during training at the institute, but also to feel the importance in educational process.

And, at last, last type − independent work under own initiative when the student independently defines the work maintenance, its purpose, planning and execution. The role of the teacher at such organization of independent work is reduced only to inform the information to students on possibility of participation in the Olympic Games, scientific student’s conference.

Students have a positive spirit on studying and perfection of knowledge in humanitarian subjects that is shown in desire of additional employment on a foreign language. In each kind of independent work informative (theoretical and practical) problem is accurately formulated. On the one hand, it acts in informative activity of the student by the basis for regulation by own informative or practical actions according to the realized purpose of forthcoming performance of independent work, with another – allows the teacher to find out in time an obstacle insuperable to the student and by that purposefully to operate individual knowledge trained at achievement of the purpose of activity. [2, c. 12]. The teacher, knowing level of preparation of each student, defines on complexity degree the concrete task for everyone, regularly supervising it.

Under a condition of system and individualities in selection of tasks at students are developed steady skill to the given kind of work.

Protection of abstracts under the executed task in the end of last semester on total seminar employment can serve as the finishing moment at each stage of this kind of educational activity of students. The writing of the total abstract acts as a culmination point in preparation of the student. After all during performance of this work he should show ability to synthesize the knowledge received in audience or out of it, to formulate and independently to investigate the selected theme. [3, с. 95] The Organization of educational process as purposeful system of interaction of the teacher and student is directed on formation of skills of intercultural communications, development of informative activity in sphere of development of foreign professional lexicon. Skills of independent work in the information search, generated at learning of foreign language, can be easily transferred to speech activity in a native language that appears very important for mastering by professional knowledge. [4, c. 143] The positive result of the organization of educational process of this kind is perfection of all components of professional formation of the future teachers of physical training and sports in the course of learning of foreign language.

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Zakharova M.E. PERFECTION OF FOREIGN SPEECH PREPARATION OF STUDENTS OF THE SPORTS PROFILE IN THE COURSE OF INDEPENDENT WORK // Международный журнал экспериментального образования. – 2011. – № 2. – С. 31-32;
URL: https://expeducation.ru/ru/article/view?id=4083 (дата обращения: 26.02.2024).

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