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Syzdykova E.Z. 1 Abilov D.K. 1
1 Karaganda State University named after Academician E.A. Buketov
1. Alibekova R. National plan designated objectives for preparations // Kazakhstan truth, 18.01.2013.
2. Kyzyrov K. Energy of future is a hope of the planet // Kazakhstan truth, 24.11.2012.

More often world scientific community and businessmen are interested in the issues of medicine, oil and gas sphere, international tourism development, and renewable energy sources also attract their attention. Country puts high hopes that EXPO-2017 will show good results in the sphere of development of solar and wind energy that is already applied in many countries.

The topic of EXPO-2017 is «Energy of the Future» in Kazakhstan and it is determined by the urgency of change for the new ecologically clean and self renewal kinds of energy. The given exhibition will strengthen cooperation between different participating countries, as well as it will produce brand new concepts relating to extension and strengthening of international links.

152nd General Assembly of International Exhibitions Bureau elected in secret ballot Kazakhstan as host of EXPO-2017 exhibition on November 22, 2012.

The exhibition topic of «Energy of the Future» is global for innovations all over the world, since all the countries faced the problem of energy saving and many of them are ready to the implementation of alternative sources (such as solar energy, wind energy, hydro-power and etc.).

The results of exhibition have long-term nature rather than up-to-the-minute one. It allows to save and optimize technological progress, to lift restrictions in the business possibilities, as well as such results will be appreciated by many future generations.

Steering committee on the preparation and realization of EXPO-2017 as Executive Board of State Commission includes 8 working headquarters on the main directions of the organization and holding of the exhibition. The Ministry of Education and Science is responsible for the staffing. Ministry of Industry and New Technologies is an actuating element on the development of harnessing of renewable resources, attraction of investments and development of tourism. Ministry of Transport and Communications fulfills the obligations corresponding to its development profile. As for the created «Astana EXPO-2017» «National company» JSC, it will focus in 2013 on the formation of goals and preparatory processes. The main task of the created company is the design and construction of infrastructure and facilities on the territory of the exhibition. Ministry of Economic Development and Trade was appointed to assure activity on the overall coordination of work and cooperation with regions. Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Information is responsible for information support and community outreach. Akimat of the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan deals with infrastructure development and city project construction. By means of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan the staff office on work with international participants of EXPO-2017 acts. It deals with diplomatic and custom issues, problem of Visa support and permission for the participating countries of the exhibition.

In addition, Steering committee on the preparation and realization of EXPO-2017 includes national adviser office, Directorate for the construction of object in Astana city LLP and the Fund for EXPO 2017 under the corporate fund «Nurly Astana» under the Akimat of Astana city [1].

The exhibition EXPO-2017 will last 3 months from the June, 10 till September, 10 2017. It is assumed to have the representatives of 100 countries and about 10 international organizations. The number of visitors is assumed to be more than 5 million men.

EXPO-2017 will grant new step in the development of small and medium business of the capital and neighboring regions primarily in the infrastructure, hotel industry and inner tourism, as well as it will promote the development of science-based engineering thought and open discussion of future Kazakh energetics.

The given exhibition will allow to invite significant volume of private investments to the construction of exhibitory objects and infrastructure of the capital, to create tens of thousands of work position for their maintenance, to develop inner tourism, to increase affluence of international visitors to the country and to mobilize economic and social resources of Kazakhstan. The exhibition will introduce the multinational culture, ancient history, art, traditions and hospitality of the Kazakh people to the world, it will raise recognisability and tourist attraction of Kazakhstan in world community.

The topics of exhibition ЕХРО 2017 «Energy of the future» touches upon the most urgent question of all world community that is development of renewable energy resources, and it is oriented to find path for quality changes in energetics, including first of all, development of alternative energy sources and new ways of its transportation. It is planned to present for example the project promoting energy saving and decrease of enterprises’ dependence on syndicated source under restrictions of electric power deficit.

There is an introduction of the following notions such as «performance contract» and «energy service company» to the legislative act among suggestions that enable to implement energy-saving technologies in the region of community facilities. World practice of use of performance contract work in the housing and utilities infrastructure system proved the ability to reduce the expenditure of energy supply consumers and budgetary funds on the building maintenance, as well as the provision of payment collection increase.

The given suggestions are attractive for the highly developed countries that have high technologies and high living standard because there is high energy consumption in such countries.

Foremost scientists work at practical implementation of vaporous ideas to be presented at the exhibition. All concepts to be presented on this grand specialized international exposition will have great cognitive and training effect for all visitors and participants [2].

EXPO-2017 is not only the great opportunity for the whole world to make a contribution to the development of global technical interaction and to uphold the position in the world, but also the possibility for the current problems solution.

The work was submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Prospects of development of high school science», Sochi (Pearl), September, 26-30, 2013, came to the editorial office оn 28.05.2013.

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Syzdykova E.Z., Abilov D.K. EXPO-2017 AS AN AREA FOR SOLUTION OF CURRENT PROBLEMS OF SCIENCE AND EDUCATION // Международный журнал экспериментального образования. – 2013. – № 12. – С. 13-14;
URL: https://expeducation.ru/ru/article/view?id=4277 (дата обращения: 17.09.2021).

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