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International Journal of Experimental Education
ISSN 2618–7159
ИФ РИНЦ = 0,425

The electronic learning-methodical complex (ELMK) on discipline «Technology of products of treatment-and-prophylactic appointment» is developed for preparation of engineers in the field of manufacture of bakery, macaroni and confectionery products of treatment-and-prophylactic appointment.

The given discipline is intended for reception by students of all forms of training of additional specialisation «Technology dietary grain, confectionery and pasta» within the limits of preparation of experts in a speciality 260202 «Technology of bread, confectioner’s shops and pasta».

ELMK meets modern requirements of system of the quality management, shown to uchebno-methodical materials of high school, and contains in the structure the didactic elements developed with application of modern information technologies and the software (a format, the size in Mb): the working program of discipline (html; 0,7); a lecture course (pdf; 4,6); methodical instructions on performance of laboratory works (html; 1,8), test tasks (pdf; 0,5), independent work of students internal (pdf; 0,5) and correspondence (html; 0,6) training forms; multimedia applications and presentations (ppt; 16,4).

Working out is completely original, has sufficient volume for disclosing of the maintenance of the given discipline and achievement of the learning-methodical purposes, contains many the illustrative elements promoting as much as possible to use multimedia possibility of the modern software. It is executed according to the technical project of grant GOU VPO «Kuban State Technological University»» and since 2008 is successfully introduced in educational process of training of the students trained on a speciality 260202 «Technology of bread, confectioner’s shops and pasta».

ELMK on discipline «Technology of products of treatment-and-prophylactic appointment» it was exhibited at the Russian exhibition-presentation of learning-methodical editions «Gold fund of the Domestic science» (RAE, Moscow, February, 2010) where has received the diploma of the winner in a nomination «the Best learning-methodical edition in branch».


The work was submitted to International Scientific Conference «Prospects for the development of university science», Sochi, 22-25 September 2010, came to the editorial office on 04.07.2010.