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The latest technology of teaching students become the paramount strategic importance of development of medical science in Ukraine at the present stage. Implementation of the Bologna Process in Ukraine since 2005, focused on the creation of a European Higher Education (The European Higher Education Area, EHEA) to obtain the international European model diplomas.

Sequential phased system of obtaining a student of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in all higher levels (Bachelor → Specialist → Master) is evaluated and calculated on the basis of the European System of Credit Transfer (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, ECTS).

This single European credit system of evaluation of student’s training is needed to implement the principle of mobility (to continue their education or work in any European higher education) to improve competitiveness, demand and employment of graduates of medical universities of Ukraine in the field of health care in Europe and other countries.

Such prospects of integration of medical science are impose significantly higher professional requirements to the modern teacher and to the modern student.

To a new level in higher medical education are being implemented basic fundamental didactic teaching methods for future highly qualified doctors. It’s interactive and distance learning methods, teaching heuristics, pedagogical technique «brainstorm», intercollegiate on-line videoconferences, international student exchange programs, internships and various training courses, exchange of experience and participation in international medical congresses, forums, conferences, publishing articles in international medical journals with high citation index ISSN.

And a prerequisite for active participation in these events – is fluent in English and other foreign languages, the desire to consciously and actively develop the skills of self-education, self-help and cognition, constantly improve their cultural, moral and spiritual level.

Such grandiose opportunities to realize their professional and personal qualities can be realized through direct, active, conscious, full collaboration of all participants of the modern educational process, which aims to ensure high standards of medical education in Ukraine, Europe and worldwide.

The work was submitted to International Scientific Conference «Priority areas of science, technology and engineering», Italy, April, 12–19, 2014, came to the editorial office оn 05.03.2014.