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The ethylic ether of the paraaminobenzoic acid – Benzocaine (Anaesthezin, Anaestalgin, Topanalgin) was synthesized in 1890. Now this is quite active, low-toxic local anesthetic, insoluble in water, without resorptive action. Benzocaine is applied in the drug’s forms of powders, 5–20 % glycerol and oily solutions, 20 % gels and spray-aerosols, ointments, 50–70 % pastes solids for pain fabric tooth gels, tablets for dissolution in the oral cavity, and for the treatment of the stomatitis this drug combining it with hexamethylenetetramine in stomatological dentistry.

Benzocaine Drugs – Topical paste (Product Deentaries SA, Switzerland), Ultracare (Ultradent), Gelato (Deepak Products Inc.), Dentol (Pharmascience Inc, Canada), Jen-Relief (Jendental Inc., DentMarket, Kyiv, Ukraine), Gingicaine Gel (Belport Co, Gingi-Pask, USA), Topex (Sultan chemists inc., USA), Ez Gel A (PE-Izimediks Kiev, Ukraine – Canada), Ezmedix EZ Gel-A (Ezmedix), Topicale® Xtra (Premier Dental, Canada), Premier Topicale gel (Premier Dental, Canada) – have a nice taste by cherry, orange, raspberry, strawberry, strawberry, pina-colada or mint, and do not have a local irritant in the mouth.

The appearance of negative side effects possibly due to exceeding the recommended doses or in individual hypersensitivity to Benzocaine.

The applicative local anesthesia in dentistry used to anesthetize the site prior to injection anesthesia, before the excision of the gums and removing hypertrophied papilla, if gums and dentin hypersensitivity, deleting temporary occlusion of deciduous teeth, removing the teeth of the third degree of mobility, during a simple curettage, abscesses’s opening, in the treatment of ulcerative stomatitis, remove tartar, to suppress the gag reflex when removing the cast and conducting radiological examinations, for quick removal of the pain of teething children (from 4 months of age – gum’s gel 7,5 % Dentol).

This intraoral local applicative (surface or terminal) anesthesia in modern dentistry refers to non-injecting medication methods of local anesthesia, use of which ensures the greatest comfort for patients, which is particularly important in pediatric practice, and success of the whole process of outpatient and inpatient treatment.

Comfortable painless dental procedures carried out is an important criterion of modern professional rating practitioner dentist, in private dental medicine practice especially today.

The work was submitted to International Scientific Conference «New technologies, innovation, invention», Maldives, March, 17–21, 2014, came to the editorial office оn 05.02.2014.