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In the world practice, the various organizational and legal forms of the agricultural enterprises are being used, which are usually determined by the national legislations. The laws are given them the necessary status of the legal entity, having possessed the separate assets and its property, as well as it is met, by its obligations, with this property, having had its own balance sheet. When choosing one or another organizational and legal form for the vegetable – growing enterprise, it should be taken into account its possible formation conditions, i.e. its own funds presence or absence for the efficient conduct of the production proceedings, the employees’ stock purchase management, the motivational incentives of the production further development, the democratic governance, the integration and linkages between the quite different enterprises, businesses and industries.

There are several basic options for the purposes of the market efficient functioning organization:

– to be achieved the highest possible consumption of the manufactured goods;

– to be achieved the maximum consumer satisfaction;

– to be provided the widest possible products’ choice [1; 2].

At the first option targeting choice, it is quite advisable to be paid basic attention to the advertising and marketing services, and then, the whole marketing system will be matched the selected target. So, such goal orientation is quite characterized for the monopoly enterprises, or the manufactured goods are the goods of the prime necessity. At the second option targeting choice, it is necessary not to be improved the advertising and marketing services, but also to be made the necessary adjustments in the production, in order to be increased the customer value, in accordance with the demand. When choosing the third option of targeting, except the advertising and marketing services, the customer value enhancing of the goods, it is quite necessary to be provided the development management of the new goods. On what goal orientation will be selected now, the marketing service structure will be depended, which should be ensured all planned activities fulfillment on the marketing.

So, the Marketing concept is practically considered the most efficient, at which the vegetable – growing enterprise is always focused on the client, moreover, all the functional departments of the enterprise are working together, for the purpose of the best servicing and the customer demands satisfaction. Thus, having taken into consideration all the possible differences in the volumes of the manufactured production, as well as in the markets, that are catered to the vegetable – growing industries enterprise, the second and the third options targeting will be the best suited, that is «to be achieved the maximum customer satisfaction», or «the widest possible choice of the goods» [2; 3].

The service of the market efficient functioning organization in the vegetable – growing production is the link between the vegetable – growing enterprise and the customers, both as in the local market, well as its beyond:

– develops the aspects to study the Demand and the market analysis for the particular type of the vegetable production and together with the trade employees studies population consumer demand for these products;

– produces surveys of the commerce enterprises, both, as in the region, well as its beyond;

– draws up and prepares the reports on the market research and submits them to the enterprises concerned;

– participates in the fairs, and the wholesale markets, studies the demand, and signs the agreement with the enterprises, the associations, and the firms of the wholesale and retail trade;

– studies the demand production of the vegetable – growing production at each enterprise;

– examines the vegetable–growing production stocks structure in the agribusiness warehouses and provides their sales on the favorable terms;

– studies the production wastes structure and organizes their sale for the cattle fodder and for the other purposes;

– explores the provision issues of the vegetable – growing enterprises with the necessary equipment and the other means of production [3; 4].

Thus, the adherence to the scientific and substantiation technology of the vegetable –growing cultures cultivation, and the other organizational–economic and technological measures will be allowed more efficiently to be used the resource potential of the agrarian production and, first of all, the agricultural production. As a result, the vegetable – growing cultures crops yield will be increased, the amount of the acreage areas under the crops, and the production of the high quality, the competitive vegetable – growing products, as in the domestic, well as in the foreign markets will be also increased.

The work was submitted to International Scientific Conference «Development of scientific potential of higher education», UAE (Dubai), March, 4–11, 2014, came to the editorial office оn 07.02.2014.