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Latysheva V.V. 1
1 The Moscow Aviation Institute (The National Research University)

Our study is aimed to be examined the origin causes and the possible ways for the acute staffing challenges overcoming, having developed in the last decade in a number of the Russian airlines. The young specialists’, experts’, and the professionals’ exodus, the increase in terms of the appreciation and the training of the highly qualified specialists rise, needed to the high-tech production, the specialists’ rapid deskilling, the human resources management strategy absence at many enterprises – all these and other challenges are fraught with the heavy social and economic consequences: the continuity and the connection between the generations loss at the enterprises, the improved cost of production, the competitiveness decrease of the manufactured products. To be prevented them, the airlines management is always needed of the operational information obtained, in particular, through the sociological monitoring.

The most interesting facts for the researcher have often been found, as a result of the interdisciplinary researches. So, the sociological methods application in the social and economic challenges study is allowed to be penetrated deeper into their nature and to be discovered the objective and causal dependences. Largely, thanks to the sociological methods high performance and their efficiency, the management solutions have been given the scientific justification, having concerned the employee motivation, the process organization of the beginners adaptation, the personnel marketing, the staff recruitment, placement and further promotion, the organizational core formation, the personnel evaluation, its development, the management teams formation and select team working methods, the career management of the professionals, the corporate culture formation, the employee identification programs realization with the organization, and many others.

Therefore, today, there are all the grounds to believe, that along with the manager’s classical functions, as having defined still by A. Fayolle – the planning, organizing, sharing, coordination, supervision, motivation – the modern manager on the human resources management should perform as well as his research function. It is also attached to the activities on the personnel management the strategic and innovative characters.

For the modern management systems construction (e.g. the quality management, the knowledge management), the knowledge and the skills are required to the leaders of all the administration levels of the high-tech enterprises, especially, in the field of the behavioral sciences (e.g. the psychology, sociology, and the social anthropology), as well as the economic and the social and management sciences, the social processes modeling and the prediction. They should be able to be stepped up the employees’ creative potential, to be made the labor market analysis, to be created the reasonable motivational programs, to be able to be developed and to be communicated to the employees the successful activity criteria, as the organization, as a whole, and its individual structural elements and each employee.

The research function implementation of the manager on the human resources management is practically allowed to be realized the contingency approach in the management, efficiently to be monitored the quite new trends and its tendencies in the external environment, and to be made the adjustments and the corrections in the strategic and operational enterprises’ plans, thereby to be increased the management decisions efficiency. So, it is not frequently, during such investigations the facts are opened and revealed, having allowed to be refuted or to be clarified the classical axioms of the management theory, and, moreover, to be changed the leaders’ traditional guidelines and the directions, concerning the efficient methods of the management practices. For example, our studies of the recent years have been shown, that the people, who are engaged in the intellectual work, often, among all the stimulating and their motivating factors, are favored their opportunities for the creative self–expression, while maintaining the satisfaction average level of the physical needs. The publicly available statistics on the number of the layoffs airlines has been testified, the 67 % of the workers at he age of 23–30 years old are being dismissed during the first year of the work, or (e.g. if they are the working students) – just after the Institute graduation. So, the differences in the dominant reasons for the dismissals of the staff’s different categories have already been marked: if the workers with their length of the service, they are often dismissed, because of the size of their earnings dissatisfaction; then, the working students and the young specialists and the professionals, as the reason for their layoff are indicated «the reality with their expectations mismatch» and, moreover, «the integrating complexity into the new organization». Thus, all these facts, firstly, are made us to be thought on the creation need of a closer links and their connections between the relevant educational Institutions and the enterprises, more active introduction and further implementation of the educational process, as the practice–orientated forms of the educational activities. Secondly, they are testified to the need for the changes in the content and their nature of the management motivational activities of these enterprises, which, in the recent years, has been focused on the outpacing salary growth of the young specialists, experts, and professionals. As a result, after a while, the quite clear and obvious distortion is begun to be felt in the states of the economic and the social situations at the enterprise: the work of the experienced, skilled, and qualified workers with their experience and the length of their service has been become to be paid for 25–30 % less, than the Institutes of higher educations, the Colleges, and the Universities graduating students and the seniors, that, soon, has been led and resulted in the growing discontent and the number reduction of this category of the workers.

Thus, the secondary analysis of the empirical data is given its ground to be suggested, that under the existing circumstances, to be reached the personnel stabilization could be more actively, having used the motivational potential of the non – economic character measures, that have no less significant, than the high wages for the young specialists, experts, and professionals: the creative character of the labor officer, the prospects for the official and the occupational growth, the opportunity to be participated in the innovative projects, the opportunity providing of the self – reliant and independent solutions for the responsible challenges applications. So, this assumption must be verified empirically, however, even on the basis of the available data, it can be concluded, that any failure to be reached, until he system is the consequence of the managers’ skills lack in the research function further implementation.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Modern sociology and education», London, October, 19-26, 2013, came to the editorial office оn 25.09.2013.

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Latysheva V.V. THE HR-MANAGER ACTIVITY RESEARCH FUNCTION IN HIGH-TECH ENTERPRISE // Международный журнал экспериментального образования. – 2014. – № 2. – С. 97-98;
URL: https://expeducation.ru/ru/article/view?id=4638 (дата обращения: 28.09.2021).

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